Web Development - Adwords Certified

Web development.

Search Engine Marketing is far more than just SEO or Google Adwords advertising.

Search engine marketing needs to include web design, landing pages, usability, Google analytics, website conversion performance, Google Adwords Management, Yahoo search advertising, Bing search advertising, Google +, Website SEO, Mobile marketing & Google Maps... and the list goes on.

It is complex and specialised and HYMDigital are certified in Adword managment.


Our Approach

Our approach to running a successful Google AdWords account is about having a clear understanding of your business objectives.

We optimise for a return on investment (ROI), by looking at the whole picture.

Our certified AdWords account managers ensure that all the correct tracking is in place for your website to measure the impact of visitors on your site; these can be online sales, enquiries, phone calls etc.

These stats over time give you the knowledge of what works and what to forget. Small tweaks can produce powerful results to your bottom line.

SEM Checklist

• Register Google Account
• Create adwords account
• Set up Billing and administration access
• Research business objectives
• Keyword analysis to choose relevant phrases
• Create specific product or service based campaigns
• Link Google Analytics
• Identify goals to track conversions and impressions
• Write targeted ads that are relevant and engaging
• Set up Display Network campaigns
• Design Custom Display Ads
• Reporting and performance
• Monitor and tweak based on recommendations

Get started with a free evaluation of your Google AdWords campaigns.

We can also setup and actively manage your campaigns on a monthly basis. HYMDigital can develop and implement your new AdWords strategy based on your business objectives.

  • Improved reporting and tracking
  • Develop your landing pages
  • Remarketing to visitors to your site
  • Build brand awaremeness
  • Display advertising
  • Campaign management
  • Strategy consulting