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Business Intellegence.

Cloud based analytics that use recurring or subscrption-based pricing to deliver tools including reporting, dashboards and metrics are gaining popularity. But were do you start?

Dashboards summarise and consolidate key facts about your business for easy consumption at a glance. And can allow you to easily make decisions.



Saas Dashboards

• Best practice reporting
• Automated reporting
• Minimal deployemnt costs
• Easily customised
• Secure


Bottom Line

If you are looking at more complex reporting, BI vendors that provide pre-programmed dashboards and reports integrated with the Cloud/SaaS application API may not be the best fit because they generally can’t do data deep dives like on-premise database oriented reporting solutions can. What is the best for your business? Let HYM discuss a tailored solution for you.

Changing the way you look at your business

Overall, SaaS is changing the way organisations are reporting and keeping a track of there key performance indicators. Expectations related to service levels, ease of use, and pricing guide purchasing decisions independent of company size or breadth of use. On a broader level, software vendors are responding to this change by expanding solution offerings, developing self-service models, placing a higher priority on value-added services, expanding licensing and pricing options, and delivering solutions that are services based.