This is a ongoing daily ritual of engagement

Engage your community.

Keep your fans engaging and re-engaging, moderated and obeying house-rules with our proven community management.

HYMDigital offers a suite of services, from moderate management to full management. Beyond posting and replying to your online community, we look for opportunities to build, grow and encourage interaction by producing and sharing original content, asking the right questions and starting important conversations.


Creative campaigns

Cutting through the noise on social media is not easy. Epik makes sure that your brand will be heard, loud and clear.

Our clever, targeted advertising campaigns deliver the right results for you - whether you need to boost brand awareness, fan acquisition, website traffic, special promotions, sales or downloads.

If you build it...

Once you are armed with a well planned and executed social media strategy and content plan, your brand and its message will resonate louder and further.

HYMDigital consultants will take the stress out of social media by implementing tailored, end-to-end strategies that will increase your visibility, build brand loyalty, drive customer engagement, and boost long-term sales opportunities.

Powerful penetration

Australia has one of the highest penetration and usage statistics of social media in the world, so can be a powerful opportunity for your business to reach out and authentically engage with its target audience. We've done it all, from Facebook and Twitter social media designs, through to managed social media, such as weekly or daily LinkedIn and Facebook updates. We have built audiences, created innovative social media campaigns, and have even won coveted social media awards for our efforts.

Planning: Developing a successful social strategy for your brand or client

Integration: How to effectively integrate social activity into your current comms plans

Essential creativity: How to creatively plan social campaigns

Ethics: Guidance on the codes of ethics and expected methods of engagement online

Legalities: Understanding the legal constrictions of engaging in social activity

Resourcing: How to resource social activity effectively

Productivity: Proven time-saving tools and techniques for engaging high volumes of social media sites