Email Marketing

EDM experts.

At HYM we offer email marketing services that serve as a cost-effective way to ensure that you always stay in touch with all your current clients and help you reach out to new customers.

What can email marketing do for your business? What can HYM provide you to ensure that you will be able to achieve the return on investment for your business?


Track your success

Do away with conventional mailouts that are hit and miss at the best of times. No print costs, no postage and much more effective. Track each email to see if it has been opened or forwarded to a friend. Detailed analytics are available for each campaign. Track this with coupon codes directly back to your sales so you can track the effectiveness of each mailout.

Targeted messaging

With no need to print every piece individual for each of your list’s segment, you can now send all of your highly targeted messages. Target your message to each segment of the market.

We'll also help you in segmenting your list, sending your prospects with an entirely different message from those that will be delivered to all your current clients.

Email marketing is a powerful tool

Easy Integration on Other Marketing Materials

We'll help customise the look and feel of your email newsletters to compliement your current branding.

We will help you come up with specific designs that are based on the kind of promotion that you offer, the current season of the year, and other campaign specifics.

Better Incorporation of Viral Marketing

Once you start sending out information through email, it will be easier for this information to be forwarded by the original recipient to other individuals that they know. Compared to sending things through snail mail, it will be more difficult to the recipients to share the details with others. We will see to it that the emails we create will be worth forwarding to others.

Build Continuous Relationships

Staying in touch with all your previous clients is now possible, allowing you to share some fun, interesting and useful information with them even long after they have had dealings with your business. Through HYM’s email marketing services, we guarantee you that your one-time customers are going to be repeat buyers.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can get should you decide to choose the services of Harley Young Media for your nex email marketing campaign.

We know how much you need to ensure that you will keep all your current clients, and we also understand that attracting the attention of more prospects will mean better business in the future as well. Our email marketing services focus on how clients will continuously patronise your business and how the potential customers are going to choose your products and services over those offered by your competitors.